Star Bottles is one of the leading manufacturers and trading companies of bottles, jars, containers & other packaging solutions in Kerala with experience of more than 50 years. We render both wholesale and retail services to almost all sectors such as home care, healthcare, cosmetics, etc. Our manufacturing expertise span across eco-friendly varieties of Bottles, Jars, and containers of HDPE/LDPE/PP-make for various packaging applications serving sectors like Pharmaceuticals, Confectioneries, Food & Beverages, Personal & Home care, etc. We strive to ensure a greener approach in the production methods.

We provide door-step delivery of plastic bottles, jars, containers, pouches, and much more for your needs. Bottle manufacturing is our first and foremost stepping stone of foundation in our business and we have excelled in the same, through the latest manufacturing techniques while we keep delighting our clients with best products and services.

Having a huge collection of stunning designs in jars, bottles, containers, pouches, and much more, our products are also available in all sizes and shapes as per your requirements. We are happy to assist you by all means in any of your packaging related queries with a dedicated consulting service.

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