We provide varieties of Bottles, Jars and containers of HDPE/LDPE/PP-make for various packaging applications by Pharmaceutical Companies, Confectioners, Food Processors, etc. Also provide various kinds of Bottles for Personal-care-products as well as Home-care products. We are also dealing with Packing materials like aluminium foils, Induction wads, Shrink films and Holograms.

Bottles and Containers are designed and provided to Customers on their specific requirements.

Industrial fragrances and preservatives for different types of applications for foods, Ayurveda products, Personal-care products, etc., are sold. Star Bottles and Glassware Stores are the main dealers in Kerala for the products of the leading manufacturers of Industrial fragrances and preservatives in India.

Perfumes of particular blend for application in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products as per the specific requirements of customers is provided.

The trade-mix includes Synthetic Perfumery Compounds, Natural Essential Oils, Agarbathi and Agarbathi Raw Materials, needed by the village and cottage industrialists for manufacturing Agarbathi.

For manufacturing Hand-rolled Indian Agarbathi, perfumery compounds and allied packing materials are dealt and customized to any specific requirement.

Natural oils and spray perfumes including various kinds of Essential oils, Agarwoods and Dhahanas oil are also traded. Apart from trading the above goods, technical know-how for agarbathi manufacturing and perfumery works are provided. A Customer-care Centre has also been set up in order to promote village and cottage based industries for agarbathi and perfumes.