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About Us

About Star Group

Starbottles have experience of more than 50 years in business we look back to the past with gratitude to god, our business family, friends, and all our valuable clients who made us what we are now. At present we are one of the leading manufactures and shipping industries in bottles, jars, containers in Kerala. We are happy and proud to say that we are running a successful business and marketing in other products such as agarbathies, polymers, chemicals, fragrances, healthcare, and much more. Both wholesale and retail services are ideal with our products as we take part in almost all sectors such as home care, healthcare, cosmetics, etc We provide quality services in manufacturing and shipping plastic bottles, jars, containers, pouches, and much more. Starbottles products are ideal for both wholesale and retail purposes and as a result of that, we have supporting clients and business friends all across India. Bottle manufacturers are our first and foremost stepping stone of foundation in our business and we are continuing his works through the latest manufacturing techniques and our clients are happier than ever! We are experts in manufacturing eco-friendly varieties of Bottles, Jars, and containers of HDPE/LDPE/PP-make for various packaging applications which are operated by Pharmaceutical Companies, Confectioners, Food Processors, etc. the eco-friendly production of our products is one of our major attractions especially in this kind of situation based on the current scenario of competition in this field. we have a huge collection of stunning designs in jars, bottles, containers, pouches, and much more. Our products are available in all sizes and shapes regarding your personal necessities. Our products can be sold for both wholesale and retail purposes. You can easily check our products on our user-friendly website and you can order easily . we are available 24/7 and happy to assist you in all means.